Content Planning    

Research reports:

Professionally written research reports, including                competitor studies, trend analysis, project presentations, etc.

Education Materials:

Writing and Publishing Project Analysis,Easy-to-Understand Overview, Roadmap, and Project Operation Text Tutorials.


Whitepaper Writing, Editing, and Content Enhancement.

Press Release:

Project Marketing Articles, Project Emphasis Analysis,Third-Party Perspective News Releases, etc.

Hotspot tracking:

Stay abreast of market trends, plan marketing campaigns around hot topics, constantly grasp project focal points, and employ various operational strategies to maintain market momentum.

Poster Design:

Support for Various Online and Offline Posters for Projects, including Project Analysis Posters, Roadmap Posters, AMA Posters, KT Versions, Pull-up Banners, etc.

Brand Upgrade:

Providing Brand Visual Upgrade Services, Unifying Project Visual Effects, Creating a Sense of Sophistication for the Project, and Optimizing and Upgrading All Existing Posters and Images for the Project.

Video Production:

Professional Video Production Services, including Promotional Videos, Project Montage Videos, Tutorial Videos, etc.

Event Operation

Visual Design

Articles and Reports

Airdrop Campaign:

Regularly conduct large-scale airdrop Campaign to stimulate community Campaign while attracting new users to participate

AMA Campaign:

Regularly hold AMA Campaign to enhance project transparency and direct interaction with community users

OAT task platform:

Stimulate community Campaign through the OAT task platform, and also provide bounty Campaign to stimulate user participation

Daily campaign:

such as emoji contests, essay contests, active prizes, invitation Campaign, etc.

Community Operation

Social Media Platform Management

Round-the-clock management:

24-hour community management to ensure the order and Campaign of the community.

Robot setup:

Automated management through robots to achieve efficient operation.

Twitter Operations:

Identifying trending topics, actively engaging with followers, and maintaining high follower growth.

Announcement synchronization:

Ensure that the announcement content of all platforms is updated synchronously to provide consistent information.

Daily Updates:

Providing daily content updates, sharing the latest industry trends, allowing community users to stay informed with firsthand information, and keeping the community fresh.

User Management

Ambassador Recruitment:

We actively recruit ambassadors to inject new vitality into the community while building communities in different countries and regions.

General user growth:

Implement diversified strategies to grow high-quality general users.

KOL recruitment:

In-depth cooperation, customized services for special needs, and recruitment of influential KOLs.

Core user cultivation:

Provide special incentives to core users to maintain their loyalty and Campaign to the project.

Active water army:

Increase the Campaign of the community through the water army to create a good user atmosphere.

External Cooperation expansion

Deep Community Collaboration:

Engaging in deep collaborations with other communities, mutually leveraging each other's strengths, and expanding the project's influence.

Joint Marketing and Promotion:

Through activities such as AMA sessions and official announcement collaborations,

connecting with other well-known projects, attracting new users through joint marketing and promotion, and enhancing the project's visibility.

Twitter Space:

Use the influence of Twitter Space to enhance the exposure and visibility of the project.

Develop external cooperation:

Cooperate with multiple platforms to broaden the project's influence.

Uploading platform:

Upload the project to major mainstream platforms, such as TokenPocket, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, etc.

Product design
Growth mechanism design

User Virality:

Includes designing user virality mechanisms, community engagement, capital integration, and sub-project incubation, etc.

Project Mechanisms:

Including liquidity staking, trading mining, and early-stage inflation minting, and other popular market dynamics.

Targeted Services:

Providing customized product operation services for specific sectors such as Infra/DeFi/NFT/SocialFi/GameFi.

Customized Project Solutions:

Tailoring Projects to Different Tracks, Summarizing Successful Project Experiences, and Achieving Overtaking on Curves.

User Experience:

Optimizing users' feelings and experiences while using the product, committed to improving product logic.

Token economics:

including token circulation and distribution mechanism, sustainable development, token function design.

Product Strategy and Optimization

Media and Channels

Resource breadth and depth

Media resources:

300+ global mainstream media

KOL resources:

2000+ influential KOLs

Customized services:

provide customized services to increase brand exposure and project consensus

Preferential price:

achieve more professional exposure at a more favorable price

Traditional Media

Five major portals:

Exposure to five major portals

Google indexing:

Optimize SEO and improve Google indexing

Journalist interview:

Establish contact with journalists and get interview opportunities

Customized coverage:

Customize coverage channels, such as Associated Press and Bloomberg, based on demand

Web 3 Media

Blockchain media:

Collaborate with mainstream global blockchain media

Twitter Promotion:

Promotions on Twitter accounts with over 50k followers

YouTube marketing: 

Users with more than 3k followers produce 10-minute videos for placement marketing

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